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VouliDance is a dance school founded on the philosophy that dancers of all ages and levels deserve the best possible training. For this purpose, VouliDance offers a comprehensive dance education program in various dance disciplines with an emphasis on the American Ballet Theatre’s National Training Curriculum as the basis for developing dancers of strong technique. VouliDance strives to build an understanding of the different movement qualities that make a student attuned to the many dance disciplines of our time. Whether one pursues dance for a future career or simply for the joy of movement, we are dedicated to the success of each dancer, emphasizing individual attention to each participant in the school.

VouliDance Is Proud to Announce That We Are Joining the American Ballet Theatre as a Partner in Project Plie

To prompt more diversity onstage and off, American Ballet Theatre has launched Project Plié, a training initiative that combines outreach to potential students in underserved communities, and funding to help increase the pool of well-trained dancers across the racial and ethnic spectrum. “The ballet field has not done a good job of reaching out and actively supporting interested kids,” says ABT CEO Rachel Moore. “Being a ballet dancer is like being an Olympian. It’s a huge commitment in terms of time and emotional energy, and when your family has few resources that’s much harder.”

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